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A Pilot crashes his plane in the middle of the desert and meets a Little Prince who asks him to draw a sheep. A snake appears and explains that the Little Prince comes from an asteroid and has been wandering the Earth for nearly a year. She sends the Pilot back in time so that he can learn from the Little Prince’s journey …

Over a year ago on Asteroid B612, the Little Prince fell in love with a beautiful Rose, but they soon seemed to be incompatible. So he left his asteroid to search for a true friend, meeting five foolish grown-ups on nearby planets and learning an important lesson about devotion from a sixth. Then the Little Prince landed on Earth in the empty desert, where he met the Snake and made a deal: if he finds what he is looking for within one year, he will return to the desert and allow the Snake to send him home with a single venomous bite. He explored the Earth, searching for a friend. He found a whole garden of roses and was stunned to learn that his Rose was not unique.

The Pilot, still watching the story unfold, tries to intervene and wakes up back in present time, alone in the desert by his crashed plane. The Little Prince appears, exactly as before.

The Little Prince asks the Pilot to draw him a sheep for him to take on his impending journey back to his asteroid and the Pilot eventually obliges. When the Pilot realizes he has run out of water and will soon die of thirst, the Little Prince sets out into the desert, saying that it hides a well. The Pilot follows and, as they walk, the Little Prince shares the story of how he met a Fox …

The Fox found the Little Prince crying next to the rose garden, and they slowly become friends through ‘taming’ each other. The Fox then sent the Little Prince back to the rose garden, where he now understood how his Rose was different from the others and why he needed to return home to her on Asteroid B612. The Fox gave the Little Prince one last secret – which he shares with the Pilot.

On the verge of death, the Pilot takes strength in the Fox’s secret and the Little Prince’s wisdom. The Pilot finds the well and is restored. He goes back to repair his plane, while the Little Prince makes his final arrangements with the Snake.

Excerpts from the studio recording of The Little Prince.

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